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In the poet of I wondered Lonely as a Cloud by William Wordsworth?

how is the scene of the speaker suddenly comes upon in his wandering describe? Also what are the two similes in which th comparisn is indicated by the word as and what are copared to what. Chosen Answer: In this poem, the poet recounts his tale of chancing upon a long belt of daffodils. He [...]

Can you analyze I Wandered Lonely as a cloud, by William Wordsworth?

Chosen Answer: It is a poem about nature and how even the memory of nature revivifies and saves the soul. The speaker was lonely. He saw a “host” (religious word) of daffodils and felt happy. Now when he feels lonely and is lying on his couch, “Pensive,” he recalls the daffodils and his heart is [...]

what does the speaker in the poem see while in this lonely mood?

the poem is i wandered lonely as a cloud.. the poem is i wandered as a lonely cloud by william wordsworth Chosen Answer: He sees “a host of golden daffodils.” “Host” is a religious word, as in the “heavenly host,” and, like the thoughts of heaven, the flowers lift the speaker from his loneliness and [...]

How in Microsoft word do I get back a document that I saved over?

i accidentally deleted a chunk of a document then saved it and closed my document. is there any way to get back what i lost? Chosen Answer: Unfortunately, if you have overwritten the original document there is no way to get it back unless you have a backup. In future try and be more careful [...]

What are some good Broadway musical songs to dance to?

My high school is performing a lip sync musical. Yes, we have to dance. And songs that are slow and good to sing to would NOT work. This is a kind of strict High School, so it can’t cuss, or be super dirty. I need girl/girl and boy/girl ideas. I wanted to do Take Me [...]

Which cloud services are suitable for small business?

There are many services, but I need something suitable for me and simple to use. Chosen Answer: I would recommend the following web services: Google Docs, Basecamp, Dropbox and cloudHQ. Google Docs is a web-based word processor, spreadsheet, slide show, form, and data storage service offered by Google.Basecamp is a web-based project-management tool developed by [...]

Is there any way to deep fry a cloud?

I’m hosting a tea party for enthusiasts of deep fried weather occurrences Chosen Answer: well Aspira your going to need lots of grease if you wanna do that, but hey in the mean time carry on collecting it from your hair and I’ll have a word with Simon to see if we can get you [...]

I wandered lonely as a cloud by william wordsworth?

i can’t seem to find the possible connotations of the word “host” in line 4 or the possible connotations of the word “wealth” in line 18. can someone please help? Chosen Answer: Host means group i think, and wealth just means something of visual value in this case. by: ?$WAN on: 1st May 10

How do you upload website with images to a hosting site?

Okay, so, for my class I have to create a web page with Word 2010. The web page I created has two images. I uploaded my html file to free hosting cloud, it works fine. But the images are broken. How do you fix this? I know you shouldn’t use this program to make a [...]