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what does the speaker in the poem see while in this lonely mood?

the poem is i wandered lonely as a cloud.. the poem is i wandered as a lonely cloud by william wordsworth Chosen Answer: He sees “a host of golden daffodils.” “Host” is a religious word, as in the “heavenly host,” and, like the thoughts of heaven, the flowers lift the speaker from his loneliness and [...]

How in Microsoft word do I get back a document that I saved over?

i accidentally deleted a chunk of a document then saved it and closed my document. is there any way to get back what i lost? Chosen Answer: Unfortunately, if you have overwritten the original document there is no way to get it back unless you have a backup. In future try and be more careful [...]

What are some good Broadway musical songs to dance to?

My high school is performing a lip sync musical. Yes, we have to dance. And songs that are slow and good to sing to would NOT work. This is a kind of strict High School, so it can’t cuss, or be super dirty. I need girl/girl and boy/girl ideas. I wanted to do Take Me [...]

Which cloud services are suitable for small business?

There are many services, but I need something suitable for me and simple to use. Chosen Answer: I would recommend the following web services: Google Docs, Basecamp, Dropbox and cloudHQ. Google Docs is a web-based word processor, spreadsheet, slide show, form, and data storage service offered by Google.Basecamp is a web-based project-management tool developed by [...]

Is there any way to deep fry a cloud?

I’m hosting a tea party for enthusiasts of deep fried weather occurrences Chosen Answer: well Aspira your going to need lots of grease if you wanna do that, but hey in the mean time carry on collecting it from your hair and I’ll have a word with Simon to see if we can get you [...]

I wandered lonely as a cloud by william wordsworth?

i can’t seem to find the possible connotations of the word “host” in line 4 or the possible connotations of the word “wealth” in line 18. can someone please help? Chosen Answer: Host means group i think, and wealth just means something of visual value in this case. by: ?$WAN on: 1st May 10

How do you upload website with images to a hosting site?

Okay, so, for my class I have to create a web page with Word 2010. The web page I created has two images. I uploaded my html file to free hosting cloud, it works fine. But the images are broken. How do you fix this? I know you shouldn’t use this program to make a [...]