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Could you recommend good Broadway solos for a mezzo soprano?

I need a good song to sing for a talent show…I’m a mezzo soprano and while I can sing quite high in the soprano range if need be, I prefer something that I can use my more comfortable lower notes for. I want something not overdone, like Wicked, etc. Please let me know if you [...]

Is it a good cloud web hosting deal ??? See the link and help.?

Plz give any better options if you have.. oh..and Rs 1000 is around $ 50 Chosen Answer: Yes, I think the deal is quite good. Anyway, it all depends on your website, if it has a lot of traffic, then cloud web hosting is a good choice. Otherwise, you could always use shared web [...]

Dreams with moons/ Revisiting sites/ Dream continuations ?

This is actually 3 questions in one: What do dreams with moons mean? I always have dreams of full moons. Never a new or half moon. I revisit sites that I have created in dreams before quite often. I have dream continuations all of the time (especially when I would rather not continue certain ones). [...]