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What is the best cloud cloud computing software?

Hi guys, I was reading up a bit on cloud computing and I really want to realise it’s potential but I don’t know what software to go for. Ideally I want something light and easy to use any suggestions? Chosen Answer: Ok so I’ve tried so far a few of thse: Jolicloud and Good os, [...]

How can I deploy a cloud service selling vms?

I have a lot of server power and would like to know how to sell virtual linux machines from my servers. I would like the setup to be automated after payment and for the software that serves the vm’s to be balance loading. Any suggestions ? Chosen Answer: Sounds like you are setting up some [...]

Access linux cloud remotely through iphone free?

I was wondering if there was a way to get free hosting for a Linux OS on a cloud server, so that one could remotely access it through an iphone. Does such a thing exist? Chosen Answer: There is no such thing as a free lunch, especially when it involve you running a whole OS [...]

Is it possible to learn to manage a web server to avoid paying managed hosting?

Do you think it’s possible to learn all alone, and use all the shared knowledge of forums? I will be running an e-commerce website and I’m considering managing the server at the same time. Is it worth learning about Linux security etc.. to avoid paying 150 dollars per month on managed cloud hosting? Hi everyone, [...]

Backup app that works with Rackspace Cloud Files?

I want to use RackSpace Cloud Files as a backup medium ( I am looking for a backup app that will allow me to do full and incremental backups. I would like the ability to easily compare file versions as a key requirement. Looking for a Windows Solution, but would also eventually need something for [...]

Server requirements for web hosting company?

hello friends, my question is if some one want to start a web hosting company, then what are the server requirements for that. i means how many servers(linux servers only) are required and what software or servers packages needs for that. also whether i have to install different servers for different servers packages like mail, [...]

Where can I get a free cloud computer?

I want to get a free cloud hosting service like amazon EC2 that let’s me install my own OS to it or at least runs Linux that I can put programs on , and isn’t through my pc it’s on someone else’s server. DONT POST SOMETHING LIKE YOU CAN GET A FREE CLOUD IN THE [...]

Windows vs Linux cloud hosting a voip and udk question?

Hi guys! I am currently rethinking my hosting solution. I have 5 websites and am looking to expand to a 6th, I want to also have a vent, irc and teamspeak server. As you can imagine, outsourcing all these seperately is expensive. I have had practice using a local Ubuntu box with putty to get [...]